What Are Environmental Sensors?

Environmental sensors are small wall mounted or ceiling mounted devices that are configured to detect a range of environmental conditions, including:

  • Air humidity
  • Temperature
  • Dampness
  • Carbon dioxide levels
  • Carbon monoxide level

Environmental sensors can be battery operated or integrated into a mains electrical system. Some systems allow integration with other alarms and detection devices – such as carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire detectors

Mirus Energy are experts in designing and installing environmental monitoring systems. We are approved installers for various manufactures and work closely with them to ensure our clients get the best solution.

AICO environmental sensors

Why Environmental Sensors Are Now More Important Than Ever:

With reports surfacing of tenants allegedly suffering from ill-health because of damp or mould in their properties, many commercial and social housing landlords are installing environmental sensors to provide them with an insight into humidity, damp, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels.

Environmental Sensors are designed to gather data on indoor environmental conditions, creating better maintained, healthier and energy efficient homes.

Environmental Sensors can be installed in high-risk areas such as:



A high-risk area for condensation, damp and mould due to high humidity and inadequate ventilation.



A high-risk area for condensation, damp, mould and excess heat due to potentially limited ventilation and increased humidity from cooking.



Residents spend a significant amount of time sleeping and it can be a risk area for allergens e.g. dust mites.


Living Rooms

Residents are likely to spend a lot of time here, increasing CO2 levels from high occupancy and smoking.

The Environmental Sensors provide actionable insights into conditions such as mould risk, draught risk, excess cold, heat loss and indoor air quality.

An exciting innovation in home life safety, environmental sensors are discreet and secure. They are easy to install and manage, helping to overcome many challenges from property compliance to fuel poverty.

real-time environmental monitoring for landlords

Portal For Landlords

We also provide access to an online portal where landlords can view the environmental monitoring findings of their house. Connected systems throughout the home feed data into the portal, which then categorises the statistics by low, medium, or high importance. This allows homeowners to spot problems as or before they arise, empowering landlords to be pro-active and put plans into place to treat mould and damp, organise maintenance of ventilation systems, be sure that radiators are working properly, and tackle other issues that could eventually lead a property to deteriorate.

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