Safeguarding Property From Fire And Carbon Monoxide

At Mirus Energy, our experienced electrical designers and engineers can ensure that your domestic or commercial premises are comprehensively protected in accordance with BS5839, the British Standard for fire detection systems.

Our Fire And Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices

We recognise that you need certainty that your fire and carbon monoxide detectors will deliver reliable performance when you need it most. That’s why we supply, install, and maintain safety equipment, meeting all the demanding UK quality standards for fire detection devices.

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Our Services

With extensive experience of working in partnership with local authorities, housing associations, Fire and Rescue services, and commercial landlords, Mirus Energy designs robust fire and carbon protection systems that will protect people and property from danger.

Private landlords

Domestic Fire Detection

Every property across the UK should have fire detection systems in place. Mirus Energy will carry out a survey, recommend the best fire detection system for your home, and complete the installation.

Commercial buildings including offices and shops

Commercial Fire Detection

Businesses are legally obligated to have fire detection systems on site. Mirus Energy’s team can design and install an up-to-standard fire detection system to help give you and your employees the best chance in the event of a fire outbreak.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Around 4000 people attend Accident and Emergency due to carbon monoxide poisoning every year in the UK. Fortunately, a working carbon monoxide detection system can help to prevent this. At Mirus Energy, we offer a number of solutions to help you monitor carbon monoxide levels in your home, and alerts you to a potential leak, allowing you to take action immediately.

Carbon Detection


When danger arises, time is of the essence, so our expert design team ensure that your fire and carbon detectors are installed in the most suitable positions so that any threat is quickly identified. As well as focusing on your building’s fire risk assessment, we employ our specialist knowledge and experience to create a safety plan that considers all risk factors for an effective response to prevailing hazards.


Our highly skilled engineers will install your fire or carbon monoxide detection equipment around your needs to minimise disruption to your property or premises. Our team is trained to the latest standards in electrical safety and fire prevention to ensure a safe installation that complies with current legislation.

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance are crucial to keep your fire, smoke, and carbon detection devices in optimum condition. We provide bespoke plans that ensure you meet your legal obligations, and any emerging problems are quickly identified and resolved.

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