Emergency Lighting Solutions That Give People The Best Chance Of Survival In An Emergency

Emergency Lighting Check

Fact: more than 50 per cent of emergency lighting systems in commercial and residential buildings will not operate correctly in an emergency.

Emergency Lighting Check

Fact: business owners or property managers can receive heavy fines or even be imprisoned if emergency lighting systems are ineffective.

In the event of an emergency, it’s crucial that people can escape from your building quickly and safely. But when the power supply fails or dense smoke accumulates, disorientation can make evacuation incredibly challenging. 

At Mirus Energy, we design and implement bespoke emergency lighting systems in all types of buildings, and provide professional advice about the most cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of your building and its fire risk level.

Emergency Lighting
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  • Guaranteed sufficient luminance to allow occupants to see emergency exit signs, routes, and firefighting equipment.

  • Fully compliant with current UK fire safety legislation.

  • Automatically activates when the mains power fails to ensure vital evacuation time isn’t lost.

  • Exceptional reliability through our ongoing maintenance and repair service.

Who We Cater For

By law, emergency lighting is required in any building where people are employed or where the public have access. Our emergency lighting systems are suitable for:

  • Apartment communal areas
  • Care homes
  • Assisted living
  • Offices
  • Industrial units
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Transport hubs
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Places of worship

The Importance Of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is designed to provide sufficient luminance when the power supply to your standard lighting circuits fails. It must be provided automatically, promptly, and for sufficient time so that people within a building can evacuate in a quick and safe manner. We offer all routine tests and inspections of domestic emergency lighting to help your building stay safe in the event of a power failure or emergency.

At Mirus Energy, our bespoke emergency lighting design service incorporates both maintained and non-maintained lighting systems as appropriate, to give you a fully safe emergency lighting system tailored to the needs of your premises and your customers.

Core Purposes Of Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting systems are designed to efficiently fulfil the three core purposes of emergency lighting, with inbuilt backups to safeguard against power failure:

Illuminate escape routes

Illuminate escape routes so that people can navigate their way to emergency exits.

escape route signage
Illuminate escape route signage to provide visual markers during an evacuation.
fire alarm call points
Ensure that fire alarm call points and firefighting equipment is visible.

Contact Us To Find Out More

Routine maintenance and inspection of your emergency lighting systems is crucial to maintain building safety. For inspections and testing or to arrange a free consultation and survey for your building’s emergency lighting, please call Mirus Energy on 0333 1124 007 or [send us a message] today.

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