The Top 3 Benefits Of Installing Fire And Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems In Domestic Buildings

Mar 8th 2023

Many risks to health in the home can be easily prevented with detection equipment - early detection of danger can drastically increase the odds of survival. Did you know that the majority of victims of house fires actually die from smoke inhalation? With a fire detection system installed, the sooner a fire starts, the sooner you know about it, and the quicker you can alert emergency services and exit the house, significantly reducing the amount of smoke you are likely to breathe in.

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The same can be said for carbon monoxide detection too – carbon monoxide is an odourless gas that, if undetected, can poison its victim and even lead to death. Again, the best antidote is early detection.

Here are the top three benefits of fire and carbon monoxide detection:

1. Early Detection Of Fire

Fire detection systems can detect the beginnings of a fire, before it has grown out of control. Once a fire alarm has sounded, you should have enough time to evacuate the home. Close doors as you go - this can help slow the spread of the fire. Early detection of fires also helps emergency responders arrive at the scene quicker, where they then have a far greater chance at getting the fire under control.

2. Protection Against Carbon Monoxide

Not only is carbon monoxide odourless, but it is also colourless, and its symptoms are so gradual that many people don’t notice it creeping up on them. Carbon monoxide poisoning is serious - in England and Wales, around 40 deaths are reported from carbon monoxide poisoning each year. Carbon monoxide gradually replaces the amount of oxygen in the blood which can lead to the organs, including the heart, lacking oxygen. Carbon monoxide detectors sense unsafe levels of carbon and raise the alarm.

3. Compliance With Health And Safety Regulations

There are many laws and standards in place for minimising the risk of fire and carbon monoxide-related disasters. In October 2022, the UK government updated the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022. Under these regulations, a landlord or building manager must ensure that:

  1. Each storey of a building that acts as a residence is equipped with at least one smoke alarm.

  2. Each room with a fixed combustion appliance is also equipped with a carbon monoxide detector

  3. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are fixed or replaced as soon as problems are noticed and flagged up

Failure to comply with the above could result in a fine of up to £5000.

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Knowing that you have the best safety measures in place in the event of a fire outbreak or a carbon monoxide leak can provide peace of mind – with detection alarms in place, home residents stand a much better chance of survival. Contact Mirus Energy today to find out more about safety installations in domestic buildings.

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Image Source: aico